Post-16 Enrichment Programme

Post-16 Enrichment Programme

Our enrichment programme is an important part of

education at John Taylor Free School.

We believe by ensuring all Post-16 students partake in enrichment activities, that we are helping our students to stand out from the crowd in a competitive job market, and enhancing their personal statements in readiness for Higher Education.

Activities will take place at lunch, after school and in a dedicated two period afternoon block on their timetable, where they can opt for a variety of additional qualifications or activities. Activities will rotate termly so that everyone has a chance to participate in a range of sessions. We like our students to try something new, be adventurous and persevere with a new challenge!

For more information about our Post-16 offering, download our Curriculum Booklet

Enrichment Programme

Lunch or After School Activities

Some examples of activities our Post-16 students can attend at lunch or after school:

Careers Education

Timetabled Enrichment Activities

Some examples of activities we will be running in the timetabled enrichment slot:

Post-16 Enrichment Programme


The enrichment timetabled slot is also when the majority of our Post-16 trips and visits will run. Many of the proposed trips and visits are to enhance student’s chosen courses, but will be opened out to all students with an interest, providing there are sufficient spaces.

Post-16 Art Trip

There are also some trips and visits that are just for fun! Some examples of our proposed trips and visits are: