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Music Tuition at JTFS

Musical Instrument Tuition Provision at JTFS

John Taylor Free School is pleased to offer our students lessons on a wide range of musical instruments. In partnership with Entrust Music Service Staffordshire, your child could take lessons in a range of instrumental or vocal lessons, including woodwind, brass, percussion and strings.

These music lessons take place during the school day, for 32 weeks in the year. Lessons are usually scheduled to last 20 minutes and take place in groups of no more than three students. Individual lessons are available for a higher rate, depending on availability.

Whilst taking lessons, students can receive free of charge loan of an instrument and free of charge access to ensembles and groups at school and at the ‘music centre’ events hosted at JTFS.

Lessons at JTFS are already a massive saving compared with private tuition and purchasing your own instrument, but we can offer additional reductions for students who receive free school meals, or who are studying GCSE music.


Places will be offered on a first-come-first-served basis while spaces last, but we will aim to increase availability to meet demand.

We recognise that the additional cost of music lessons can be a large challenge for families, but the Friends of Staffordshire’s Young Musicians (FOSYM) are here to help. It is easy to apply for additional funding at their website. They are eager to increase the number of young people they help to access music, so why not apply to see how they can help your child with their musical journey?