Enrichment Programme


Extended Curriculum

An important part of education at John Taylor Free School is our extended curriculum. Going beyond our timetabled lessons, we want our students to have experience of a broad range of topics, activities and adventures which will enrich their lives. 

One element of Enrichment that we are extremely proud of is our wraparound enrichment programme. At JTFS we offer an extensive termly programme of activities which take place before and after school, as well as at lunchtime. All students are encouraged to take part in at least one activity per week, with the main aim of providing opportunities and experiences beyond the confines of the traditional classroom. The Enrichment activity timetable is updated on a termly basis so that everyone has a chance to participate in a range of sessions. We encourage students to have an input into what they would like the curriculum to look like and are proud to announce that we have actioned every request to date. Our students are encouraged to try new things, be adventurous and persevere with a new challenges! 

Additionally, the school provides various day, evening and residential visits throughout the year, including trips to the theatre, museums and other areas of interest. Visiting speakers, including writers and scientists, are a key part of our Enrichment programme and this will continue as our curriculum develops. More recently, we have introduced ‘pop-up’ Enrichments, allowing students to explore other languages, cultures, religions, skills, and experiences. The local community is important to us, and we work closely with local sports clubs and businesses to ensure that our students are given the best opportunities to succeed and thrive.  

The enrichment programme for this half term can be found below: