Key Stage 4

Key Stage 4

Curriculum Model

Within our Key Stage 4 curriculum, we will ensure that all students can access a personalised curriculum which is broad, balanced and suitably challenging.

It builds on prior learning, whilst providing enhanced opportunities and ensures that students are equipped to progress onto Post-16 education, apprenticeships, or employment beyond the age of 16.

In Year 10 and 11 students will be working towards gaining nine GCSEs or GCSE equivalent.

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Key Stage 4

A Personalised Curriculum

Whilst part one of our curriculum is a statutory requirement, we value all subjects as highly as each other. The purpose of our three part curriculum design is to offer an element of choice for students, whilst still providing a range of subjects which will enable them to succeed and thrive. For the majority of students their studies will be through GCSE learning meeting the requirements expected nationally.

Examinations in all KS4 subjects are linear which means that the examinations are taken at the end of Year 11. For GCSE courses, attainment will be reported as a number (1-9). Grade 9 is highly aspirational and is a higher achievement to the previous A*. The RSL Level 2 qualifications are equally as challenging to GCSE and the final grade will be reported as a Pass, Merit or Distinction. No colleges, employers or universities stipulate more than 9 GSCEs as an entry requirement and our Key Stage 4 model ensures a solid foundation for further study.

By offering a personalised curriculum, students will be able to pursue those subjects they excel in and those they enjoy the most.

All students are required in Year 10 and 11 to study the following subjects: Part one of your curriculum pathway Number of lessons per week Number of qualifications
GCSE English Language and Literature 5 2
GCSE Mathematics 5 1
GCSE Combined Science 5 2
PSHE 1 n/a
Tutor Time 4 n/a
PE 2 n/a
Total 22 5

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Learning Organisers for each unit of work can be found on your child’s Go4Schools page.