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Our Wonderful JTFS Community

"The Greatness of a Community is Most Accurately Measured by the Compassionate Actions of its Members."

I have received some lovely emails in the last week from members of our local community complementing our students on their conduct, behaviour and good manners. This is music to my ears! We work very hard with students to teach them to treat people with respect and dignity whether that is in the classroom, at lunchtime or outside of school. It is great that they have demonstrated this to members of the public in our surrounding area.

As I was in school on Saturday, supporting with our first Duke of Edinburgh Award cohort, I took the opportunity to walk up Battlestead Hill. It was a lovely sunny day and I had an unusual view of school from the top. I could see the new housing development and its’ growth, Burton Rugby Club and the new stand being built there as well as our school at the foot of the hill. This made me reflect on how our local community is coming together; the houses are now occupied, the rugby club will soon be hosting matches and very soon our growing PTFA will be holding events in school.

We set out to be an important part of our locality and many of our ideas to support our community have been put on hold during the pandemic. However, they are only on pause and we are keen to enable local clubs and groups to utilise the facilities as a centre for the community as soon as we are able to.

Over the course of the week, we have been talking to students about what it means to belong to a rich and diverse community. One of the things that I love about JTFS is the range of students that we have here; each student is different and difference is good.

“Normal is a setting on the washing machine” – it does not describe a person.

We value each and every person in our community and celebrate the differences that we have. Our community is made stronger by its’ diversity and our mantra of “turn up, work hard and be nice” means that we will be measured on our compassion and kindness for others.

As we end another challenging term, I would like to thank the staff, the students, their parents and our wider community for the support and care shown to each other. I hope you have a fabulous Easter and finally get to enjoy some time together with your families.

Sue Plant


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