Online Safety

It is our aim that all members of the John Taylor Free School are able to work in a safe and secure environment, free from humiliation, harassment, discrimination, victimisation, oppression and any other type of abuse that could be experienced online.  John Taylor Free School is completely opposed to the inappropriate use of ICT and will not tolerate inappropriate online behaviour. All members of the school community have the right to work in a secure and caring environment, including when working online. All members of the community also have the responsibility to contribute to the protection and maintenance of all within the school environment.

Effective behaviour management is essential for the smooth running of the school, which includes working to ensure a safe online community, but also in managing any situations that may arise. The school will raise the awareness of online safety through the PSHE programme, school assemblies, student voice work, use of tutorial time, and in the national curriculum programmes of study, as appropriate. Students will be taught to be critically aware of the materials and content they access on-line and be guided to validate the accuracy of information.  Staff will intervene where online safety is breached. All incidents will be documented via the school’s behaviour management systems and staff will be proactive in preventing repetition of the behaviour. The school’s behaviour management policy will also be followed if necessary.

John Taylor Free School has an ‘Acceptable User Agreement’ which needs to be adhered to at all times. As part of the agreement, users must understand that the network employs several monitoring technologies to record access to the internet, keystrokes and catalogue open windows. Monitoring is continuous and ensures all members of the school community are safe.

Parents can play a significant part of ensuring that their child is safe online whilst away from the school, by using either home or mobile devices. Online safety is required 24/7.  Please be aware that allowing your child to access social media sites and apps before the required age, an incorrect date of birth would have been added. This can cause significant issues later on when your child becomes ‘18’ and leaves them vulnerable.  An app promoted by the LST (Local Support team), can be found at here. This allows a parent to block the use of the internet, remotely.  It can also be used to limit the time spent on the internet.

Useful internet sites include:


Safer Internet




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