welcome message to students and parents from the head of school

Welcome to John Taylor Free School.  This is the first new secondary school to be built in Staffordshire for a generation and I am delighted to be the founding Headteacher.

To all students – I am looking forward to meeting you; as the founding cohort we are going to work together to create a school which is not only outstanding but “stands out” from others.  When you join us you should be prepared to turn up, work hard and be kind – all day, every day.  John Taylor Free School will develop the academic success which enables you to continue your educational journey, in addition to those qualities which enable you to thrive personally and in society –  as a JTFS student you will “succeed and thrive”.

For parents reading my message, your support and engagement are critical to the success of the school.  As parents/carers, you can work with us to reinforce the approach to learning that is important to us.  With specialisms of challenge and leadership, we will expect students to explore the world around them with curious and open minds, to learn to lead and know when to be led; to be prepared to try, fail and learn so that they can be even more successful next time around.  Team work, resilience, respect, hard work and a passion for excellence will all be central to our culture and climate.  Students, staff and the community around the Free School should be prepared to support each other to live and learn together.

I am determined that John Taylor Free School will be a creative and innovative environment; we will be at the forefront of educational research and practice and I believe that this will enable us to provide a world class education for our community.  I won’t settle for anything less.

This is an exciting time for John Taylor Free School and I hope you are just as excited as I am about the opportunities available for students in and around the Tatenhill area.  With no catchment, we have received applications from families across the district and beyond.  Our school will be a vibrant and warm community with a positive climate for learning at its heart.

I look forward to meeting, and working alongside, you soon.

With warm regards.

Sue Plant

Mrs S Plant

Head of School Designate

Sue Plant