A Message from the Head

Sue PlantI am delighted to introduce myself to you as the Head of School at The John Taylor Free School. It is such an exciting opportunity not only for and the other Free School staff, but for you to be part of the community that establishes the foundations for this amazing school. I am passionate about creating an inclusive environment where children can succeed academically and thrive personally. Together, we will ensure that all children become lifelong learners with the skills and qualifications needed to flourish in today’s society.

It is an immense privilege to work with the team at John Taylor High School and we are currently planning our transition programme to ensure a really successful start for children at the school. We will be holding joint house events and making sure that our first cohort benefits from older role models from the High School. Our standards of personal behaviour, uniform, attendance and punctuality will be extremely high as we know that this makes a difference to what can be achieved in school.

The curriculum will be broad and rich, following the STRIPE programme which is so successful at JTHS and the extended curriculum will enhance every student through opportunities such as sport, performance, art, music and drama. Student leadership will permeate all aspects of life at the John Taylor Free School; your child should be prepared to turn up, work hard and enjoy the opportunities available!

If you would like to discuss how the Free School might be the right environment for you child, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and arrange a time to speak with one of our team.

Yours sincerely,

Sue Plant

Sue Plant
Head of School Designate

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