JTMAT launches formal consultation process regarding Free School

Having been successful in its application to sponsor the new free school in Tatenhill, JTMAT is now formally consulting the community on its opening.

A spokesperson for Acumen Associates, Project Managers for the Free School development, said:

“The Department for Education require community consultation for all new proposed schools. We’re working with the Trust to ensure that all local schools, groups, and individuals are informed of our exciting proposals, and have the chance to let their views be known.

The Trust has today launched a website for the school. On this website, readers can ‘express an interest’ in the new school so that they can be kept up to date with developments, and they can ‘contact us’ with any questions or comments. There is also a time lapse film showing the construction of the school, and some key information pages about what the school will hope to achieve for local children.

A Twitter account has also been established (@jtfreeschool) click here to view the Twitter page.

Brochures will also be distributed to local community points of interest in the area. There will also be opportunities for ‘drop in’ consultations, held at the Training Centre on the John Taylor High School site at the following times:
• Monday 11th September 3:30 pm until 5:00 pm
• Thursday 21st September 8:30 am until 10:00 am
• Wednesday 27th September 5:00 pm until 6:30 pm
• Tuesday 3rd October 12:00 noon until 1:30 pm

Here, plans of the school can be viewed, and questions answered by representatives from the Free School team.

We’re using lots of different ways to engage with our community during this consultation phase. However, we’ve been very open and positive with the community from the outset.”

The Free School plans to admit 210 students into Year 7 in September 2018, and applications will run in parallel with those of other local schools. Details can be found here.

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