about john taylor free school

John Taylor Multi Academy Trust wishes to build on the success of the John Taylor High School and use their expertise and educational leadership in the area to replicate many of the key areas of the curriculum in the new 11- 18 8FE free school. The Trust will encourage a wide range of groups such as scouts/guides, sports clubs and community groups to use the school facilities to enable all age groups to come together. The Trust will facilitate summer schools, weekend activity courses and some learning opportunities for the local community.

The Curriculum will mirror many of the successes of the broad and balanced curriculum on offer at John Taylor High School and build on the Ofsted-praised ‘STRIPE’ (Self Manager, Team Worker, Reflective, Innovate and Create, Participate, Enquirer), skills curriculum that enables young people to become independent learners with excellent attitudes to their own learning. The new free school will follow and further develop the high quality student leadership programmes at all levels, as enjoyed by students at John Taylor High School.

In time, John Taylor Free School will work closely with John Taylor High School at post 16. The two schools will share aspects of their timetables and employ some key staff across the schools to enable the Trust to offer a wider range of A levels and support those courses that would be difficult to sustain in any single school.

The Trust already has strong relationships with business, universities and is the host school the National Forest Teaching School Alliance. We will use these relationships and expertise to enable the school to push all students, whatever their background to achieve their very best.

The school will:-

  • Have an inclusive approach that offers the best education for all local 11 – 18 year olds.
  • Be non-selective, welcoming children of all faiths, social, ethnic and cultural backgrounds.
  • Offer a broad, balanced, high quality curriculum, underpinned by exceptional support, care and guidance.
  • Be a learning hub for the wider community, seeking to contribute to cohesion in an area of new housing development with limited alternative local amenities.
  • Work effectively alongside neighbouring schools.
  • Equip its young people with the knowledge, experiences, skills and attributes to enable success beyond school.
  • Further the innovative heritage of John Taylor High School, through the extension of its founder school’s strengths: the achievement and progress of the most able, the acquisition of key learning skills, and the development of leadership attributes and experiences – both within and beyond the taught curriculum.